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Baugruppe, another way to a new home in Berlin

There are several ways to buy a new home in Berlin.

  1. used flat
  2. new flat from a developer
  3. new flat as a cooperative (Baugruppe)

1. buy a used flat or house, most often via Immobilienscout24.de .

2. buy from a developer either an old rehabed building or a new buildt building. This offers are typically find in Immobilienscout24 as well but there is a special site called: neubau-kompass.de.
risk / maintenance goes down, price is higher than a used flat.
There are fakes on the market, they play developer but they only do a paint job.
As you will have a5 years warranty on the everything the developer build or replaced its important to know what he will deliver.
This you find in the “Baubeschreibung” (a description of the quality of construction).

3. A way most people don’t know about, are “Baugruppen” which directly translated means “Building Groups” in southern areas often referred to as cooperatives. The main idea: The “buyer” become part of a company, that actually cuts out the developers. With all the risk and benefits. Often those groups are initiated by architects (some more professional other because they want to buildt their own home). In fact the projects are often well planed, it takes more energy so, because the groups have to discuss their way, but in the end the product is often better or cheaper or both. Some of them have a social or green aspect often both. There are weekly meetings to get in contact with those groups, check the links below.

Information on Baugruppen / Building Cooperatives in Berlin

Baugruppen Architects for cooperative building projects

For a Google search use this terms:


The Natulis Group is planning 89 residential units for sale at Scharnhorststrasse 30-32 in Berlin’s Mitte district. From August 8 to 30, 2012 Natulis Art Temporary offers 9 free studios for artists on the plot. Which is at least for Berlin a new way to attract attention for a property development. The 3.500 sqm plot is close to the new main train station and the development area Europacity. Their selling prices should be between 2.750 €/sqm and 6.300 €/sqm. A total sales volume of nearly €40mn is expected. Ziegert Bank- und Immobilienconsulting has been commissioned to perform the marketing and sales.

Source: Natulis AG & THOMAS DAILY GmbH


Research: Housing prices in Germany have room to rise

DB Research recently (29.06.2012) published a study regarding property prices in the euro area.

Euro area property prices: Germany versus the rest

Subjet of the study are prices of residential properties in the euro area.

While in all euro markets the prices for residential real estate are above the long-term average affordability, its opposite for Germany.

DB Research:

The exception to the general picture of overvalued markets is Germany, where
fundamental values remain at historical lows despite some price increases in
recent years. Given Germany’s status as a safe haven in Europe for investors
and in view of Germany’s likely economic outperformance of other European
countries we envisage further price gains in the German real estate market.
Prices are likely to rise fastest in cities with more than 500,000 inhabitants.

Get the full report by email.

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New promising areas added to our map

As the prices and the city it self growth, and central area have nothing to develop or rehab anymore, the developers as well as investors move on. And so do their clients, the center is really expensive now compared to the suburbs. This is right and it felt a little strange all the years after the reunification that the core city center is more or less as expensive as normal areas.

However in our constant search for good developments and investments we now added:

  • Wilhemsruh in Pankow
  • Zingerwiesen in Pankow
  • Niederschönhausen in Pankow
  • Kaskelkiez in Lichtenberg (for multi-family-house investments and rehabilitation of prewars)
  • Weitlinger Kiez in Lichtenberg (for multi-family-house investments and rehabilitation of prewars)
  • Rummelsburger Bucht in LIchtenberg (ok a little late, I agree)
  • Alt-Stralau in Lichtenberg
  • Neukoelln area around Weichslplatz, area around Boddinstreet
  • Nordufer in Wedding (Best price/potential ratio in all of Berlin)

Find the whole map with more advise and data here.


Real Estate Auction Dates (Autumn 2012)

Deutsche Grundstücksauktionen (DGA AG)
auction 27.09. to 30.09.2012
submit property latest 10.08.2012

Auktionshaus Karhausen AG
auction 21.09.-24.09.2012
submit property latest 27.07.2012


Job offer: Full-time Executive Assistant

We are looking for an full-time, immediately available
Executive Assistant of Managing Director (m/f).

We are a real estate development company located in Berlin Mitte (Torstrasse 10119). Our mid-sized projects have a focus on architecture, design and energy efficiency. Our small team of dynamic professionals has a high level of self-organisation. The company is involved in a range of different areas of real estate including acquisition of plots and houses, planning, design, sales, marketing and supervision of the projects. This position offers insight and training into these various aspects of property developments. More information about our current projects: www.amlt.de


  • Plan and organize daily business
  • Manage and report key information and documents
  • Manage and process e-mail, correspondence and phone calls
  • Assist during meetings, prepare meeting minutes
  • Edit reports in English and German
  • Manage office guests
  • Manage contact database (software: highrise)
  • Administer project management tool (software: basecamp)
  • Plan and send newsletter campaigns (software: mailchimp)



  • Able to work efficiently and accurately under pressure
  • Goal driven
  • Able to step back and look at the bigger picture
  • Proven team player who possesses curiosity and creativity
  • Excellent communication (written and verbal) and interpersonal skills
  • Must be flexible and commit the time required to get the job done
  • Excellent language skills in both German and English, Italian is a plus
  • Excellent computer skills (Excel is a must)


Are you interested? We are looking forward to receiving your application. Please send your application in one document including your CV and covering letter (both in English) and your salary expectation by email to

    office at amlt.de

  • Principals only. Recruiters, please don’t contact this job poster.
  • Please, no phone calls about this job!
  • Please do not contact job poster about other services or products.

Hollywood meets real estate

This is not the trailer for Hollywood’s next big summer blockbuster it’s actually the listing for a $35 million Malibu house.


We just added some posts to our corporate site, which might help you to secure the right deal,  and save you time and disappointment:

don’t forget our long-time favourite:


Skills & Expertise in Real Estate

I just added the new feature “skills & expertise” to my linked-in profile.

Actually there is an auto-fill in that suggests phrases:

I started with, guess what: “Real Estate”

Then the tool suggested and I choosed:

Real Estate Development, Real Estate Transactions, Commercial Real Estate, Real Estate Advisory Services, Contract Negotiation, Real Estate Due Diligence, Real Estate License.
What is your skill & expertise.


Germany has lowest taxation on commercial rental income

Please see our newest posting from FEBRUARY 24, 2014 as well:
Property investment optimization on corporate and taxation level.

Germany has lowest taxation on commercial rental income, and the reason is quite simple, rental income in Germany is (depending on the structure) exempted from trade tax. Therefore the average tax burden in Germany amounts to “only” 13,7% of gross annual rental income. One has to differ between real estate trader/trading and asset management companies.

Pure management of own real estate assets (“Verwaltung eigenen Vermögens”) is exempted from trade tax because its not seen as a commercial operation (“nicht gewerblich”).

Even real estate trading tax (6,2% on the sales price) is much lower than the international average (9,5%).

So if you plan to invest in an income producing property (to keep it longterm) always found a company (“GmbH” or “GmbH & Co. KG“) and put the property in the company.

If you incorporate a new company then the subject of business should be asset management (“vermögensverwaltend”), don’t forget to tell the authorities (“Gewerbeamt”) that you started a business. If you write “vermögendsverwaltend” into the application, then the authorities will testify you that you are not a commercial entity.

Tip 1: found a company for each property (assuming its not a flat but a full building like a multi-family-home.

Tip 2: don’t register the company new, especially if you are a foreigner, the banks will give you a hard time to get a company bank account and without a bank account you will not be able to legally install a fresh company. The “trick” is to buy an all ready incorporated fresh company (“Vorratsgesellschaft”) from a specialized service-provider (e.g.: VRB Vorratsgesellschaften GmbH in Berlin) .

Please find all contacts to real estate service provider that help our clients and us to structure our deals on our Berlin Real Estate Service Provider PDF. Just drop us a note.