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Berlin Property Investment Advice

A couple of years ago we have recommended buying a block (one full multifamily house), but nowadays the market is flooded with money and hardly anyone owing a block sells. On top, the prices climbed and today one or two Mio will get you hardly any good multi-family-house in a promising area.

What is the way-out?

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Ansicht / Rendering des Neubauvorhabens

SOLD OUT (as of March 2017)
New condominium project with 32 new build apartments from 54 m² to 163 m²,
and one commercial unit,
from experienced boutique developer Torsten Bülow.
Very high standard and 15 underground parking.

Developer: Bülow Immobilien GmbH, Berlin
Sales: free-of-commission by developer Bülow Immobilien GmbH, Berlin
Project Website: www.streu43.de

View in Google Maps: Streustraße 43, 13086 Berlin


These residential investment locations in Germany have potential according to CORPUS SIREO.

CORPUS SIREO is one of the biggest Asset Management Service Companies in Germany with asset under management of 50 Mrd. Euro and more.

As usual the Top7 in Germany and another locations with potential, mainly university towns are found on the list.

These are the Top 7 cities for real estate investments in Germany according to CORPUS SIREO:

  1. München
  2. Berlin
  3. Hamburg
  4. Frankfurt
  5. Köln
  6. Stuttgart
  7. Düsseldorf

On top, the real estate company Corpus Siero searches in this B-cities, mainly university towns for opportunities according to their investment acquisition profile.

  1. Nürnberg
  2. Ulm
  3. Karlsruhe
  4. Mannheim
  5. Mains
  6. Wiesbaden
  7. Bonn
  8. Essen
  9. Dortmund
  10. Münster

The full Acquisition Profile Residential Real Estate and Residential Portfolios of CORPUS SIREO can be foundhere: Acquisition Profile.




In this risk-off climate, in which many real estate investors are clearly willing to sacrifice some yield for lower risk, Germany is widely regarded as the new haven for capital. According to Emerging Trends Europe, the five leading cities for overall investment and development prospects in 2017 are Berlin at Number 1, followed by Hamburg, Frankfurt, Dublin and Munich.

Emerging Trends in Real Estate Europe 2017 Report of PWC and ULI

The full report can be found here:


Can’t find the report? Please get back to us, we still have a copy on our servers for you.


What do you consider a good location to invest in Berlin?

This is one of the main questions we get from our customers.

What do you consider a good location to invest in Berlin?

Here are our long term favorites for a perfect real estate investment location in Berlin:

  • prewar instead of postwar, not the house (we prefer new constructions), the area.
  • green is important, a park and trees in the streets make a huge difference quality.
  • good access to public transport is a must, as most Berliners don’t own a car.
  • urban is better than suburban, go for 5+ storied housing, supply here is limited.

The rule is quite easy: If it was an area in demand in the roaring twenties (1920-1929),
it’s highly likely it will be in demand today or in the near future.

You might be interested in our list of interesting Berlin location for investing.


Housing Market Report for Berlin 2017 published

CBRE and BerlinHYP have published the annual Housing Market Report Berlin 2017 with Housing Cost Atlas.

  • Asking rents for apartments increased in 2016 by 5.6 percent to € 9.00 per sqm
    and month.
  • Boom of new construction projects: record number of 32,000 residential units
    currently under construction or planned.
  • Asking prices for condominiums (plus 9.6 percent) and apartment buildings
    (plus 15.7 percent) further increase considerably.
  • More offers for furnished rental apartments.
  • Around a quarter of all German development transactions recorded in Berlin.

The English Version you find here: “Housing Market Report Berlin 2017 with Housing Cost Atlas“.

The German Version you find here: “Wohnmarktreport Berlin 2017 mit Wohnkostenatlas”.

If those external links don’t work anymore, please reach out to us, we have a copy archived.

You can get advice on buying, selling and optimizing Berlin real estate from Alexander Korte of BerlinInvestment.com


My readers know that in general, I am a big fan of residential blocks (multi-tenant-housing, or multi-family-house as we call this in Germany), but at the current market situation, I think it’s smarter to buy a portfolio of flats in central areas.

For fast readers, here is the conclusion of this article:

Executive Summary:
We advise our clients to purchase a collection of apartments in the same building, as the multipliers for blocks are as high as for units. As the same property manager runs all the units, and this keeps things easy to handle.

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Micro-Apartments as an Investment

Micro-apartments, also called micro-flats, are one-room separate living spaces. Usually, they contain an area to sit, sleep and study, a small bathroom and kitchenette with a size of up to 28 square metres. In some properties residents also have access to shared bathroom and kitchen facilities, on rare occasions even patio and roof garden.

This type of investments seems nowadays to be everybody’s darling.
Even the German government wants to lower the pressure on the housing market in urban centres and invests 120 Mio Euro to speed up innovations around micro apartments. (see press article here)

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Attic conversion legal traps

​As the city of Berlin becomes more and more popular and therefore dense, and penthouses are more and more attractive attic conversions are getting popular. Private buyers are more and more willing to buy such a project instead of a finished flat. [click to continue…]


Residential property under 100.000 Euro, here is how and why

It is hard to find properties below 100.000 Euro nowadays,
especially when it should have features like:

1.) vacant
2.) lift/elevator
3.) central heating
4.) refurbished or new,
and above all
5.) location, location, location.

Why those features are important, and what are the benefits of buying either into a non-attractive ‘ugly’ flat or a small one, I will explain in this video. [click to continue…]